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We’re excited to partner with PrivadoVPN to provide our customers with an improved VPN software. PrivadoVPN has replaced the previous VPN service but the billing will still be handled through us and the pricing will not change.

We’re making this change largely because PrivadoVPN is committed to offering one of the fastest VPN networks and prioritizes user privacy with its zero log policy. For the first time ever, we have a dedicated 24/7 software support team that is solely focused on VPN for immediate bug fixes, and we’ve been able to help design a unique VPN network for optimal performance, speed, and usability. This in turn will allow us to provide even better support for our loyal customers.

Ultimately, this change will offer our customers a better service. By forming this partnership, we can now provide a premium Usenet and VPN service to bring more value to our customers.


Once you have your PrivadoVPN credentials, you can log into your PrivadoVPN account panel with the provided username and password here:
If you are unable to log in, please request a new password here:

All VPN support will now go through PrivadoVPN. You can reach them here:

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