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NZBGet Setup

In this guide, we will setup NZBGet with your new subscription.

You can find the latest stable version of NZBGet here.

Select Settings from the top.


Select the "News-Servers" option from the side menu.


You can either replace the information for the example server or add a new server if you currently have other servers listed.

Active: Yes
Name: UsenetServer
Optional: No
Group: 0
Port: 563 (119 for non-SSL)
Username: (your provided username)
Password: Your provided password)
JoinGroup: No
Encryption: Yes (No for non-SSL)
Cypher: [blank]
Connections: 20
Retention: [blank]
IpVersion: Auto

Press the “Test Server” button and make sure the “Connection Successful” text appears.



Select “Save Changes” to save the settings, and verify the server is checked under “Active”.

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