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Newsbin Pro Setup

Newsbin Pro setup instructions:

Step One:

Download the Newsbin installer by visiting the Newsbin Download page. The installer will automatically detect your OS and install the appropriate software. When you run the installer, you will get this warning from Windows. It's ok, click Run to begin.


Step Two:

Click the dropdown arrow and select your native language, if supported. Otherwise leave it set to English and click OK.

Step Three:

The installer will detect whether you have a 32 bit or 64 bit operating system. Once you see the prompt below, click Next.


Step Four:

The Newsbin License Agreement is now displayed. You can scroll down to read the agreement and click I Agree to continue.


Step Five:

By default, the installer will create a shortcut on your desktop, create a link in the Windows Start Menu, and associate NZB files with Newsbin. If these defaults are acceptable, click Next.

Step Six:

Click Next unless you want to change the location where Newsbin is installed.

Step Seven:

Choose a folder for your Newsbin files.

Step Eight:

Newsbin offers a free trial key. If you do not already have a key, click ‘Yes’ to get a free trial key, then enter your name and email address. Newsbin will be pre-configured with your trial key, which includes two weeks access to the Newsbin Usenet Search feature.


Step Nine:

Here you can enter a name for the server that will be displayed within Newsbin. Either use the default or set it to something meaningful like "UsenetServer". Click Next.

Step Ten:

Enter in the UsenetServer Usenet server address
If you want to encrypt traffic between you and UsenetServer, also click the Use SSL checkbox then click Next.

Step Eleven:

Enter in your UsenetServer Username and Password and click Next.

Step Twelve:

The default settings will work for most people. They can easily be changed later inside Newsbin. It is rarely needed to use 20 connections to get your full download speed, the default will work better and consume fewer machine resources. Click Install. 

Step Thirteen:

The installer connects to the Newsbin servers to download the latest executable files. Click OK to continue. If the installer reports any errors, you may have to temporarily tell your firewall to allow the installer access to the Internet.

Final Step:

Click Finish to launch Newsbin and view the release notes for this version. You can choose not to launch Newsbin at this time or choose to not view the release notes.

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