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Benefits and uses

What are the benefits of Global Search 2.0?
The benefits of Global Search 2.0 include:
  1. A subject search based on keywords can be performed for all article sets in the binary newsgroups spanning UsenetServer's full retention and results can be filtered by specific poster names and or newsgroups.
  2. Individual posts are collapsed into one single result for each article set that makes up the entirety of a post by a poster or posters.
  3. Global Search 2.0 allows us to service many more queries faster. This results in a lesser strain on the hardware and much faster search results.
Are there any additional notes I should be aware of while using Global Search 2.0?
Additional usage notes include:
  1. All form fields except for 'groups' are case-insensitive.
  2. Sort options are limited to: Size, Subject, Age, & Poster.
  3. Sets of articles are already collapsed into a single search result for a post.

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