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I received a "502 Maximum connections Exceeded." error. How many connections are allowed?

Why am I seeing this error?
 When your newsreader tries to open too many connections to the servers, you will see this error. The error usually is not serious. You can solve the problem by simply closing extra connections and setting your newsreader's max connection limit to match the number of connections allowed by our account. To close your connections, just cancel the task you are trying to start, and wait until one finishes. If your news reader terminates improperly, the servers may need some time to recognize that the connection you closed is no longer active.

How many connections are allowed?
The amount of connections available to use depends on your account type. Our account options are broken down into 2 categories: High Speed and High Speed Plus. We allow a maximum of 10 connections for High Speed account and a maximum of 20 connections for High Speed Plus accounts.

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